Celtic Cross Oracle Spread

1. This is the card that represents the seeker. It represent the person you are reading and it can give you invaluable insights on their personality.

2. This is the issue card. It gives you an idea on the challenge a person is dealing with at the time of the reading. 

3. This is the past card and usually it gives you many insights on the why of the present issues.

4. The present card.

5. The future Card.

6. The outcome card (to read linked to card 10). Sometimes I get 2 cards in this position.

7. Dreams, hopes and longings.

8. How people see the seeker.

9. Fears and challenges, sometimes unconscious beliefs that keep seeker trapped.

10. Right action (what are the actions to be taken, to release the past and move into the future).



This is the Celtic Cross Spread I tend to use. It i not the original spread but it is the one I am guided to use. Sometimes (depending on the seeker,) I may add one or two cards.

The meaning of each card is on the side. Please keep in me mind that the entire reading has to flow like a story. When you look at the images, you should hear, see or sense who the seeker is, what happened in the past and what is the bigger picture.

If you have been following the spread on FB, please refer to the meaning of each card I published, to complete your reading. Enjoy!

Michela Sborchia

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