Finding Divine Grace

(Inspired by the teachings of Baba Lokenath Brahmachari)

We are often blind to Divine Grace in our lives. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be overwhelming to our human mind. But this weekend if you would like to do it, I can offer a suggestion to become more open and aware of Grace in your life and the lives of those you love. This is not a closed eye, sitting position meditation but it’s a meditation nonetheless. We are all children of the Divine (God Goddess however you see creation). 

So be like a child and play hide and seek with God and Goddess. Breathe in slowly deeply effortlessly and slowly breathe out. Remember the Joy in your heart when you were playing with your friends. Allow your inner child to bathe in that Joy again and let him or her out to play again with God and Goddess. Where is Divine Grace hiding? Look hard but with Joy and Lightness. The Divine works in mysterious ways. You may find it behind words and actions of loved ones or people you “randomly” meet. It may hide behind specific situations or unexpected help. You may see it in the eyes of a child or the soul of a homeless, in the playfulness of your pets and the loving hug of your beloved.

God and Goddess may reach you through a book you are reading or a song on the radio that inspires you. It may be in the deep love you feel for animals and nature, manifesting from your heart. It may also be in the very tough lessons you were cursing but that allowed you to Journey deeper and deeper within you and meet your true self, your essence, spirit, God.


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