Heart Alchemy

A journey back to love

~ This is a sacred and safe place for women and men from all walks-of-life ~


Many suns and moons ago, I consciously started my spiritual journey. It all started with a deep dark night of the Soul. One night I was kneeling down, the cold of the floor pressing on my fragile knees, I felt so detached from everything, alone, cold and desperate.... Since that fateful night, I have been going through a profound healing with my whole body, mind and soul.

Then one day, Mother Goddess asked me to go to the Earth Chakra of the Earth and surrender. That day I booked my ticket and I journeyed to Glastonbury, UK (Mother Earth Heart Chakra). When I arrived, I instantly felt Mother's Heart welcoming me and from that day onward I started to reconnect with my Heart in ways that I didn't even know where possible. One day in meditation, ​I experienced an unbelievable, unprecedented and beautiful opening of my heart. I felt this amazing love for everything and everyone. My thoughts went to the people I felt somehow wronged me, to life experiences that left a mark on my soul and my skin, and I just felt this pure unconditional love for them. I remembered the times when I acted out of Love and forgave myslef. My experiences transformed into wisdom, the connections that kept me chained to my past broke and my life completely changed.... almost in the blink of an eye.

Journey in the Heart is one the most healing, profound and powerful journey you'll ever take and I always encourage people to work with their heart in a conscious and meaningful way.

Your Sacred Heart is the bridge between your lower and upper energy centre (chakras) and it is the source of 12 qualities or energies:​

  1. Pure Divine Unconditional LOVE

  2. Compassion

  3. Kindness (Gentleness)

  4. Divine Joy

  5. Gratitude

  6. Peace (Tranquillity)

  7. Patience (Acceptance)

  8. Harmony (Balance)

  9. Clarity (Wisdom, Understanding)

  10. Purity

  11. Forgiveness (For both self and others)

  12. Bliss

When we remember how to embrace all those frequencies and truly embody them, we have come home.

Working with the Heart energy is an intense and emotional experience. It brings forth deep and long-lasting healing and reminds you of who you truly are.

Heart Healing and Connection works for:

  • physical ailments, illness

  • emotional, mental and spiritual misalignment / ailments / trauma,

  • childhood trauma,

  • stress,

  • difficulties in your relating with others, co-dependency, or being closed down, withdrawn

  • anxiety and depression

  • And more….


The 12 week Heart healing and connection program

This is a 12 weeks journey into your heart centre. I started my journey into the heart some years ago and it was a profound experience of healing and awakening. The heart is the bridge between your lower and higher chakras, it is the place where we hold the 12 higher frequencies, the seat of your soul and the link between your inner and outer world.

Journey into the heart centre is a life changing experience that brings you deep healing, wisdom, clarity on your path, true Joy and so much love...

During these 12 weeks you'll receive:

  • 12 in person healing sessions focused on your heart

  • Meditations to keep the healing happening daily

  • 1 Oracle Reading

  • Guidance when you need it throughout the 12 weeks

  • And more...

To sign up for the Heart Connection program please contact me directly. This is a 12 weeks journey and it is important that you commit to it before you start.

Investment: 999 €

Please contact me before booking

Michela Sborchia

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