Womb of Joy

phase III - Initiation

In phase three of your Womb of Joy journey, you'll receive three attunements to help you connect with the Kundalini / Shakti energy. 

The attunements have the name of Kundalini Reiki, but they are not traditional Reiki ones. The word Reiki here is used to describe the universal pure unconditional Love energy of the Universe.

Kundalini Reiki was brought to this earthly plane by Ole Gabrielsen, a Master of Meditation that has inspired many people throughout the world. Kundalini Reiki is a direct result of Ole Gabrielsen many hours of Holy Communion with Ascended Master Kuthumi.

Master Kuthumi is the Choan of the Second Ray and He is connected to the Crown Chakra and The Temple of Love, Wisdom and Understanding. Lord Kuthumi comes to those who seek world knowledge in this time of change and to use that accumulated knowledge for the good of all.

Kundalini Reiki is a great Blessing and we are very Grateful to Ole Gabrielsen and Lord Kuthumi for this wonderful gift.

One of Kundalini Reiki's most significant energy centre is the Muladhara or root chakra, a portal for the Kundalini healing force. Along with the "Kundalini fire", which stimulates the whole process of healing, the energy runs all the way up through the body, crossing the main chakras up to the Crown chakra, located on the top of the head. ​

- The first attunement is passed on a date chosen by the practitioner and receiver.  

--The second attunement is given 3 days after level one.

- The third and final attunement 7 days after level 2. 

Michela Sborchia

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