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I believe that true healing is empowering for the individual. That is why in my energy healing sessions, meditation classes and workshops are designed to guide and encourage people to dive in the depths of their being so that they can find healing, knowledge and wisdom within themselves.

-Michela Sborchia-

There is a long list of common misconceptions regarding healers and their work. 

-  One of these beliefs is that not all human beings are healers and that  only a small number of selected individuals have the gift. Truth is, we  are all healers, we are all gifted beings with extraordinary abilities  and we just need to remember that. 

-  Another misconception is that, when we go to see a healer, we are  simply going to lie down on a plinth, or a yoga mat and the healer is  going to take away all that is wrong with us. In  truth, healers don’t take away anything from you. 

True healing is the  allowing of our innate healing energy to awaken and do what it is  supposed to do. Healers facilitate this process by guiding us or by  channelling a specific energy that can help us awaken our nadis,  meridians, energy centres (however you may see it) and help us reconnect  with our energy within. True  healing is empowering and doesn’t take away from us the responsibility  to heal ourselves. A healer is a channel for the Divine, showing us the  way without walking the way for us, without taking away all that is ours  to deal with and the lessons we must learn. Kundalini  Reiki is a journey back to yourself, to the healer within. There are no  prerequisites to attend this workshop . The healing and inner journey  are a day by day processes but a rewarding one.There  are 3 levels to move through this program, there are no conditions and  you can stop at any time. The only thing I ask is that when you attend  the first level, you come with an open mind, willingness to remember and  to do the necessary work. 


This are the levels you are going to be attuned to and the time frame: 

  • Day 1 - Kundalini Reiki level I  

  • Day 2 - Kundalini Reiki level II - 3 days after level I  

  • Day 3 - Kundalini Reiki level III - 7 days after level II  

Kundalini Reiki  is a powerful and transformational healing modality that is easy to  learn, simple to use and integrate. It is a powerful, empowering,  transformational, and grounding energy. During the course you’ll learn about:-

- The Kundalini energy 

- The 9 chakras system 

- The Aura

- History of Kundalini Reiki 

- Attunement process

- Protection and clearing

- Grounding techniques

- Distant Healing

- Healing Others

- Self Healing

- How to attune others to Kundalini Reiki

- How to attune objects to Kundalini Reiki

- Booster Attunement

- Diamond Reiki

- Crystalline Reiki

- Birth Trauma Reiki

- Location Reiki

You’ll receive: 

  • your certificate by post

  • your manual in pdf by email

  • Videos to show you techniques and meditations

  • Ongoing support.

I am available on Skype, telephone and email for any question you may have.

Investment: 80 € online workshop / 120 € in person workshop

Payment: by cheque (Ireland only) - by PayPal 

***Payment must be received three days before the attunement date and. There is a 20€ non refundable deposit taken from the payment. 

Contact me to sign up for this workshop: Contact

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  



1.   I have taken many courses with Michela (all of which have been excellent!!) and recently I received the 3 Kundalini Reiki distant attunements. Michela has prepared a beautifully detailed manual to accompany the course and always makes herself available for any questions or doubts, you certainly feel supported throughout the process. To be honest, I really can’t say enough about this course, the attunements and the Kundalini Reiki energy itself, for your own personal development, as well as your spiritual development! I feel my consciousness has really expanded since I started to work this beautiful healing energy. Thank you Michela, this has been a true gift!! -Niamh, Dublin-

2.   I’ve met Michela a few years a go. One day I’ve mentioned her, about some sensations that I get and that I didn’t know how to control them. She suggested that Kundalini Reiki would help me control those feelings. I took her advice and had the distant attunment, which was an amazing experience. Each attunment felt different and every time I’m doing the healing I get to experience something different, something that I thought it’s impossible to reach without years of practice:  she rising, and when she’s rising my motionless body is flooded with waves of vibrant energy, like a Divine Orgasm. Kundalini Reiki is an incredible journey of self realization, and if you’re wondering whether is for you, don’t. Try it and you will never regret it. Michela has an abundance of knowledge that she shares openly. She is an extremely intuitive teacher and healer and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, your kindness and your love. With love. -Nicoleta, UK-

Michela Sborchia

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