Michela is a wonderful person inside and out a powerful healer and teacher and a beautiful gentle soul.. an earth angel wishing you every success with your healing and teaching practice sending you much love, luck & laughter all the way from Donegal. Glenda xxxx

I have had the pleasure of experiencing the magic of Michela’s  multi faceted healing. They have been so therapeutic  with real results. Michela exudes commitment, authenticity, insight, support and compassion in abundance and is a real addition to her  treatments, She is also  a wonderful teacher and facilitator of  gatherings of like minded individuals. 

Rosemary, Wicklow

I have taken many courses with Michela (all of which have been excellent!!) and recently I received the 3 Kundalini Reiki distant attunements. Michela has prepared a beautifully detailed manual to accompany the course and always makes herself available for any questions or doubts, you certainly feel supported throughout the process. To be honest, I really can’t say enough about this course, the attunements and the Kundalini Reiki energy itself, for your own personal development, as well as your spiritual development! I feel my consciousness has really expanded since I started to work this beautiful healing energy. Thank you Michela, this has been a true gift!! 

Niamh, Dublin

Having participated in a few of Michela’s courses and transmissions I have always found her to be a fabulous healer and teacher. She is fully present for each individual as well as well as the group as a whole. Michela is highly skilled at what she does and has a way of cutting through the layers to the core of the issue. I know I have found her to be a fabulous teacher of the highest integrity with a very heart-centred approach, and as such would have no hesitancy in recommending Michela to anyone. 

Orna, Dublin


I have attended several workshops held by Michela over the past few years. I have received so much from each one for different reasons and they all no doubt have had great benefit to me on my spiritual journey. Michela is a wonderful caring facilitator and brings so much knowledge and great energy to her workshops. I do like that Michela keeps these workshops small I don’t personally like big group classes myself it is a nice intimate class and we all feel very comfortable sharing our experiences and discussing things.

Catherine, Wicklow

I have taken quite a few courses with Michela and she is a fantastic teacher! She is very caring, very kind and VERY passionate about each course content, she always gives that little bit extra, all of which make for a great learning environment! I feel very blessed to have had such a gifted teacher and healer helping me along my spiritual path and would most certainly recommend her anyone!

Niamh, Dublin


I highly recommend Michela. I attended her introductory workshop on sacred sexuality which was an incredibly informative, fun and enriching experience.  This was down to Michela’s depth of knowledge, passion and warm facilitation style where she made everyone feel at ease and welcome. Michela was very open to participants experiences and questions, and this made for a very enlightening and moving experience in a supportive environment. I look forward to attending more of her workshops in future. 

H.M. Dublin


I participated in the introduction to sacred sexuality course and loved every minute of rich content of the course. I have learned a lot of new things and also got a lot of ideas to implement for my own practice. Every women should allow herself this knowledge as I am sure it can improve the quality of life we are living. I am looking forward to more exciting work. 

Kamila, Dublin


I loved attending Michela’s workshop which I found to be warm, safe and nurturing.  Her easy, delightful nature made for a very relaxed, informative and deeply healing experience.  I also loved meeting so many other beautiful women on a similar path, exploring and coming to know our sacredness. Love and sparkles.

Mia, Kerry


I have been knowing Michela for a very long time. Last year my mother could not move from the pain due to an inflammation of the upper back and neck (muscles, nerves, bones..) and she could not sleep. She tried anti-inflammatory tablets and painkillers but nothing could help her to get at least some sort of momentary relief. She saw Michela for three consecutive session of Angelic Healing and the results where amazing from the first session. She didn’t have any type of pain or inflammation for one year. A couple of weeks ago she started to have the same issue but a distant healing session with Michela cleared it right away. Michela is a professional and she is really good. Every time she gives healing, she makes you feel calm and relaxed and the effects of the therapies are long lasting. She understands you and she listens to you. She knows where to work to help you get better. I would recommend her to anyone that needs some help from a true professional. 

Erica, Italy


I’ve met Michela a few years a go. One day I’ve mentioned her, about some sensations that I get and that I didn’t know how to control them. She suggested that Kundalini Reiki would help me control those feelings. I took her advice and had the distant attunment, which was an amazing experience. Each attunment felt different and every time I’m doing the healing I get to experience something different, something that I thought it’s impossible to reach without years of practice:  she rising, and when she’s rising my motionless body is flooded with waves of vibrant energy, like a Divine Orgasm. Kundalini Reiki is an incredible journey of self realization, and if you’re wondering whether is for you, don’t. Try it and you will never regret it. Michela has an abundance of knowledge that she shares openly. She is an extremely intuitive teacher and healer and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, your kindness and your love. With love. 

Nicoleta, UK

I have known Michela for a year now, but it feels like I’ve known her forever. She is very caring and kind, and her readings are extremely accurate. Once you have had a reading with Michela, you know that she is the real deal. I went to her first for a medium reading, and even though we hadn’t met before, she was able to channel my partner’s Granny with so much accuracy and told me things that she couldn’t have known. After the reading, it was confirmed by his family when I asked them, and we all had chills down our spine at the things she was able to channel. Her readings and healings have also been of great help to me this past year. She is a wonderful light on this earth, and I would recommend her anyone. A.K. DUBLIN


I received several healings from Michela over the past year. I was going through quite a lot of emotional stress at the time and found her healings brought me a lot of comfort. Michela is a very genuine person with an ability to make you feel relaxed during the whole treatment, I felt like I was in complete safe hands. Not only is she a wonderful healer she is also very intuitive and offers very sound advice if she feels it will be helpful. I found it amazing during my healings with Michela how she could pick up instantly the areas I knew were blocked myself. She also offered some beautiful meditations that I often still use myself, my favourite one being the inner child meditation. I would recommend her unreservedly to anyone that needs some help from a true professional.

R.M. Wicklow

Michela is a gifted healer, and I have had healing a few times. I always leave feeling like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. My first experience left me stunned and for those of you who have not experienced the spiritual healing process – let me put your mind at ease. When you arrive you have a consultation process where you discuss any problems/worries or any illness you may have. I was there as I was grieving the loss of my dear Mother. This information helped Michela to focus on certain areas that needed more attention. During my first healing I could hear a crackling noise like a whip being struck off the hard floor, as I had my eyes closed I couldn’t figure out what the noise was and even though I was eager to open them – I did not. Afterwards I asked what the crackling noise was but Michela said it must have been “The Angels”. I can attest to this as there was nothing in the room that could be used to make this noise. My second healing occurred after 6 months approximately, during this healing I could feel the blanket being raised over my right knee and I heard a cat miaow. (I was waiting on him/her to walk around the plinth; in fact I was looking forward to it, but this did not happen). After the healing Michela told me that the spirit of a cat that died 2 weeks previously was in the room and while I felt sad I was also speechless! Michela is not only a very spiritual and wonderful healer; she is also, a very kind and welcoming lady. She is a pleasure to know! Joan, Dublin


I have known Michela for the past two years and have attended a few of her womb blessing workshops coupled with Reiki sessions. The workshops I have attended have been very insightful and the energy very grounding. Michela’s Reiki sessions have been very positive and uplifting during times where I have lost hope. Her predictions have also been very accurate in relation to my own personal journey. She has been a great support to me and most recently I would like to thank her for inviting me to her home to receive blessings from Mary Magdalene, this experience was just magical. 

P.S., Dublin


Attending the Sacred Sexuality Workshop is one of the best things you’ll ever do! I had absolutely no idea about the wisdom of the womb. Michela introduced me to a huge part of myself I didn’t know existed! She is very skilled at putting people at their ease and feeling relaxed during the workshop. A very enjoyable day. 


Michela is a wonderful Teacher kind and compassionate. Yvonne xx

Michela Sborchia

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