When I was younger and people asked me: "what do you want to do with your life?", I always had one answer in my heart and mind: "I want to change the world"! I never really replied to that question for fear of being ridiculed, but that vision of a better world always stayed with me. But with the passing time, life experience after life experience, I lost that vision for a while until it came back to me with the force of hurricane and I could not ignore it any more. After one of the many dark nights of the soul I walked through, I stopped what I was doing, left my country, my home and moved to Ireland.

In this country I remembered who I am, what my purpose is and so I started to work towards it. Energy healing, meditation, womb and heart connection, oracle readings are some of the step stones of the work I want to offer to this world. 

Through my sessions, writings and workshops, I have faith I am reaching millions of people all around the world, to guide them back within, in their heart and spirit.

The vision of a New Earth/Heart came to me after the heart wrenching witnessing of children and animals suffering, after seeing the earth burning, dying of thirst and suffering at the hands of humanity.

But I believe that We are Divine Humans, that the Divine always burns brightly within us and when we reach that space, we have finally come home. That space and energy inside us is Pure Divine Love and it is so profound and so powerful that it cannot be contained, it cannot be labelled, and it cannot be broken. It doesn't need an opposite energy to manifest because it is Oneness!

I deeply feel, know and see how when we stop loving each-other because of circumstances, pain, fear, ego, we create even more fear and more pain…. We see the layers, the illusion and we fail to see our essence. If every human on earth could experience that kind of Love just for few minutes a day, we would live in a completely different world.  That Love that consumed me on a day in May, also taught me how beyond the masks, the circumstances, the perception, the fear, the pain and the ego there is a living being, a divine human, love in action on earth... exactly like me.

And that vision becomes real every day. The more I do my inner work, the more I have to offer to this earth and in the process of unbecoming and remembering I am Divine Love, You are Divine Love, and I am committing to helping humanity to do the same.

Are you hearing the clarion call of your soul? Are you listening? If so, I am here to help you to truly listen, to reach within you and reconnect to the balance, health, love, passion and divinity you always hold inside of you.

With Love Always

Michela Sborchia

Michela Sborchia

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